Chris Cahill – B/Sc, ASCC, REPS Level 3.

Personal Trainer (Equinox Gym, Pure Fitness Shoreditch)

Strength & Condtioning Coach (Queen Mary University)

Consultant (Healthwise). 

Active recovery with dynamic core routines.

Its all about achieving your goals when it comes to the bootcamp. Whether that is to burn fat, build lean muscle, break through a plateau or train for your sport, each goal carries equal importance.

In order for my clients to reach their goals, I find setting measurable standards vital as it holds us both accountable. How much weight can you lift? How many exercises can you do within a certain time? How fast can you run a certain distance? These are some ways that you can measure and view your  progression.

This may seem overwhelming for some who have the self professed idea of being athletically unable. My response has always been the same. I see my clients as athletes and I encourage them to view themselves that way. Athletes do whatever it takes to achieve their performance goals with 100% focus to the task. Through dedication and hard work, the secret to success ultimately comes down to the individual and their ability to master two key concepts in a training environment: focus and Intensity – whatever their ability. It is no different from anybody else pursuing their own goals, whether that be physical appearance, performance based or even in life.

Fitness is a sport.  In any sport, there are challenges that come in all shapes and sizes. Your ability to overcome these challenges empowers you and makes you stronger physically and mentally, enabling you to reach your ultimate goal. In this Bootcamp we believe that results are earned, never given – once the mind commits, the body will follow. Challenges bring out the best in us – it fuels our desire to improve and encourages one and another to push boundaries to achieve  things that were  never thought possible. The end result is a change in the way you view yourself, fitness and life.

My training principles:

  1. 100% focus.
  2. Accuracy with intensity
  3. Quality rather than quantity
  4. Variety over monotony

Along with being a great work out providing a host of benefits for a number of fitness goals, we pride our Bootcamp to have a strong group cohesion respecting eachother’s ability and progress.