I joined Chris Cahill’s Bootcamp training in the summer, after it was recommended by a colleague. I tend to keep fit playing football and cycling, with a couple of visits to the gym each week for strength and toning. However, recently I was finding it more and more difficult to get motivated. Gym sessions had become stale and boring. I was looking for a fresh challenge that would complement the sports I play, and improve my overall fitness.

After training with Chris for several months, I’m happy to say that the sessions are exactly what I was looking for. He combines an in-depth knowledge of training techniques with a friendly, supportive approach to incremental fitness. The exercises are varied and pitched at just the right level of intensity for me to get the most out of them. It’s also a great motivation to train in a group, as the social environment and positive spirit drives you to try harder.

If you’re looking for a great coach and a fun way to improve your fitness, these sessions are highly recommended.

Jonny Evers, 37. Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional.

Chris Cahill