I joined Chris Cahill’s Bootcamp training in the summer, after it was recommended by a colleague. I tend to keep fit playing football and cycling, with a couple of visits to the gym each week for strength and toning. However, recently I was finding it more and more difficult to get motivated. Gym sessions had become stale and boring. I was looking for a fresh challenge that would complement the sports I play, and improve my overall fitness.

After training with Chris for several months, I’m happy to say that the sessions are exactly what I was looking for. He combines an in-depth knowledge of training techniques with a friendly, supportive approach to incremental fitness. The exercises are varied and pitched at just the right level of intensity for me to get the most out of them. It’s also a great motivation to train in a group, as the social environment and positive spirit drives you to try harder.

If you’re looking for a great coach and a fun way to improve your fitness, these sessions are highly recommended.

Jonny Evers, 37. (Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional).

This bootcamp is the most effective training that I have ever experienced! After years of running and gym sessions I managed to get the best results I have ever gained from a program after just 5 sessions. After two months of this training I was approached by friends and family asking what I had done to become so toned! Its also great fun (lovely group!) and feels so good to train outside rather than in a stuffy gym!

Tamara Duschl, 26.  (Senior Strategist).

I started doing Chris’s home circuit training 3 weeks ago, I had just changed jobs and I couldn’t fit the gym into my daily routine. The circuit training and interval training is a brilliant substitute, 30 min 4 times a week including warm up and warm down, I find it really easy to fit in even with the pressures of work. The diet plan is really easy to follow, it’s not really a diet, it’s more substituting some foods for others, so you don’t have the dread of ‘I’m on a diet and I have to stick to it’. I would absolutely recommend this programme, I have more energy and I’m losing fat too.

Mark Williamson, 29. (Strategy Manager)

Firstly I’d like to say how much I enjoy our sessions, and I don’t think I’ve missed one for about 3 months now! They have definitely become part of my weekly routine and I look forward to them too. The atmosphere is always positive and friendly which really helps with the motivation to keep coming and to feel happy whilst doing it too.
In terms of progress, I have definitely seen a difference. I find the ab work a lot easier now (where ‘crazy frogs’ used to be torture they are now manageable) as well as planks etc, but the real improvement which i’m proud of is the amount of press ups I can do now, I started off being able to do around 5, whereas now i’m nearing on 20 which I’m really happy with. My main goal has really been to “tone-up” ie build muscle and feel stronger and fitter at the same time, which I feel like i’m achieving with a combination of bootcamp sessions and the bootcamp’s home circuits series, boxing and swimming – totalling 5 sessions per week now.
Emma Bugeja, 28. (Online operations Director) – testimonial written at week 8 of  the 12 week Bootcamp program. 

Chris Cahill